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Mental Wellness Workshop

Strengthen Mental Resilience of Peer Support Leaders
with the SNAP! Workshop

Youth mental wellness is a growing concern globally and Singapore as a global city is not spared. This year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) launched the Peer Support programme and a curriculum revision to strengthen support for students’ mental wellness across the education system. The SNAP! Workshop is solution-focused and complements the MOE’s Peer Support programme as it aims to strengthen youth mental resilience.

SNAP! Workshop Objectives

1.    Help Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) understand and identify mental wellness challenges 

2.    Enhance ability of PSLs to Empathize, Build Rapport, have Constructive Dialogue, Influence & Persuasion with their peers

3.    Strengthen mental resilience of PSLs to gain trust and earn respect from their peers

•    Help them review the development of their core self-identity to remove negative labels
•    Inculcate new thinking patterns: Learned Optimism & Growth Mindset
•    Develop habits/routines that inject positivity in their lives

4.    Develop Creative Problem Solving skills of PSLs which enable them to be more empathetic to challenges facing their peers

This Workshop is called “SNAP!” because the techniques taught are easy to learn and apply. When students find that they can generate creative ideas at a snap of their fingers, new energies are generated for fresh perspectives to emerge. 

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