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Workshop 2

Entrepreneurship Success DNA Workshop

Re-invent your future by discovering the magic of being entrepreneurial. Learn the Success DNA of super successful entrepreneurs )like Bill Gates) which spurs business profitability, brings joy, meaning and purpose in starting and growing a business venture.

This programme is based on the MOLI Success System which will supercharge your entrepreneurial power. Based on more than 20 years of entrepreneurship consulting and training the MOLI Success System will spur an ordinary person to jumpstart start their entrepreneurial journey.


The Singapore Ministry of Manpower had funded 2 programmes – “Be Your Own Boss” & “Self-Employment Training” where hundreds of participants had played the Zeros-To-Heros boardgame and gained insights in business start-ups with the MOLI Success System. The MOLI System System has also been used to help corporate executives to be innovative and enterprising in MNCs, Singapore listed companies and government bodies.


Learning Outcomes
  1. Gain insights in how to align your Mindset, Opportunity-seeking actions, Innovation & Leverage to unleash the entrepreneurial power that is within you.

  2. Learn powerful strategies to re-programme your brain, change your Beliefs system and drive you to take massive action towards achieving your objectives.

  3. Equip you with creative thinking technique to enable you to see business possibilities and profitability.

  4. Gain insights in how to develop Win-Win partnerships and the Art of Deal-making which will enable you to multiply your resources.


This workshop is competency-based and has adopted the Action Learning approach where the learning is in the doing. This programme seeks to inculcate the Millionaire Mindset in participants and helps them to develop the Millionaire Skillset.


This programme is based on more than 20 years of research and consulting into how individuals can be business tycoons and millionaires.

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