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Jumpstarting A Successful Freelance Career!
What is this talk about?

Are you stifled in your job? Stressed by fears of retrenchment? Sick of office politics? Do you need additional income?  Being a freelancer will address most of your woes as an employee. Freelancing will provide you the freedom to do your own things and allow you to increase your earning power. However, freelancing can be pretty tough if you do not have the right game plan and know-how.

In this talk, you will learn whether freelancing is a viable career option. You will be shown how to get freelance jobs that pay well and are worth your time. The course adopts an experiential learning approach with quizzes, relevant stories, case discussions and carefully selected videos.


What you will learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Determine viability of freelancing as a career option with the Weight Decision Matrix

  • Re-imagine Your Freelancing Career with the Personal Career Canvas

  • Re-invent your career  with strategies that are derived from Personal Career Canvas

  • Seek prospective clients and write winning proposals with solid customer value propositions

  • Apply Value Pricing Strategy to guide you in price setting to maximize profit

  • Handle difficult customers and late or non-payment


Value of Programme

It will help participants to:

  • Fulfill their dream of working for themselves

  • Earn additional income from their passions and competencies

  • Spend more time with family and loved ones

  • Receive support from a community of freelancers



1 day / 9 am to 6 pm


Suitable For: 
  • Unemployed PMEs who are exploring freelancing as a viable career option.

  • Employed PMEs aspiring to work as part or full-time freelancers.

  • Newbies who just started freelancing and who are seeking know-how for a sustainable career.

  • Fresh graduates who want to earn money while looking for a job.

  • Stay-at-home parents who want to earn income while taking care of the family.

  • Retirees who are still productive and seeking to earn some income from freelancing activities.

Profile of Trainer

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Richard Mak has been a Master Trainer for 2 government funded programmes on “Self-Employment Training” and “Be Your Own Boss” programme. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has coached business startups in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam. He was involved in several multi-million dollars joint-ventures and strategic alliances. Richard was consulted in business start-ups, franchising, business valuation and business development. He invented “Zeros-To-Heros”, the world’s first entrepreneurship board game which was nominated for the MENSA Select Award.

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