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Workshop 6

Understanding the Dynamics of Running a Business

There are just too many media reports on gloomy sentiment over Singapore's economy in 2017 and widespread firm closures and layoffs. Is your organization coping well with adverse business environment. The main way to cope is to devise effective corporate strategies. In fact, formulating innovative strategies is the most important challenge of management. Excellence in strategy formulation and execution will determine if an enterprise is profitable or make losses.

Do NOT be like: Borders Books, Soon Heng Restaurant (oldest curry fish head place), Eastman Kodak, Carrefour’s, Tower Records, who had gone bust because their corporate strategies and business model did not keep up with changing times!

However, existing strategy tools do not address the key issue – performance through time:

  • Why is our performance following its current path?

  • Where is it going if we carry on as we are?

  • Why and How can we design a robust strategy to radically improve this performance into the future?

Participants will learn System Dynamic Thinking and harness experience through business simulation to overcome the above limitation to formulate effective strategies.

Who should attend? CEOs, Senior Executives, Executives on fast-track career path, Senior Officers of government bodies, SME owners, Executives of non-profit organizations, who are involved in strategy formulation/strategic planning/innovation as part of their leadership roles.


Why this Workshop is Dramatically Different from Others

Business Simulation Experience
  • The best way to learn strategy is to experience it through business simulation rather than case discussions. Our use of a world-class business simulation software allows participants to devise their own strategy, set their own objectives and make strategic decisions. It compresses time and allows rapid and clear feedback on the decisions made. It helps them develop business insights in diverse environments over time.


Applying System Dynamic Framework
  • This framework guides participants to understand dynamic relationships of numerous decision-making variables like the conflict between serving both customers and investors, making operational decisions with long-term perspective, how to decide what limits on capital to set and what profit target to apply. Extensive use of Strategy Map connects strategic planning, operational execution, and feedback and learning.


What participants will learn:

For Innovative Strategy Formulation, participants will learn how to use the following:

  • Business Model Canvas, Business Model Innovations, Strategic Management Framework, Industry Structural Anlysis, Generic Competitive Strategies


For Excellence in Strategy Executive, participants will learn how to use the following:

  • Value-Chain Analysis, Resource-Based View of Strategy, Balanced Scorecard Framework, System Dynamic Framework + Business Simulation Approach

How Participants will Benefit?

Participants will be able to:

  • Integrate diverse strategy frameworks into well thought-out business models.

  • Formulate innovative business strategies to achieve business growth,  profitability and gain competitive advantages.

  • Use System Dynamics to boost participants’ flexibility and adaptability in strategy execution.

  • Appreciate how marketing and sales initiatives or managing employee retention affects capabilities and impact budget allocation for effective strategy execution.



2 days, 9am – 6pm.


Workshop Fees:

S$1,380 for single registration.   S$880/pax for registration of 2 or more pax.

(Fees inclusive of: Trainer’s fee, Business Simulation licensing fee, training materials, venue cost. No GST. ‘Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand’ book authored by Richard, our Master Trainer.)

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