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Workshop 3
Developing Innovation Activists

‘Innovate or evaporate’ - this mantra highlights the importance of  innovation to the survival and success of organizations. However, there is a critical shortage of executives who possess innovation capabilities. This workshop aims to boost the innovation capacity of participants so that they can spearhead projects that require innovative solutions.

Our Holistic Approach

This workshop adopts a multi-prong approach to boost innovation capability of participants as:

  1. Innovative Problem Solvers who have the innovation know-how for tough assignments

  2. Innovation Catalysts who can facilitate brainstorming sessions on innovative projects

  3. Innovation Activists who can help to foster a culture of innovation to churn innovative product/services and Business Model Innovations at high speed for sustainable competitive advantage.


Our 2 Unique Value Propositions
  • Think ‘Crazily’ to Think Creatively: Many people felt brainstorming by producing ‘crazy’ ideas is a waste of time as they have difficulties translating crazy ideas to practical solutions. The unique value of our creative thinking techniques is that we get participants to generate ‘crazy’, outrageous ideas. Then they learn to extract concepts from these zany ideas that help to trigger creative ideas that lead to practical but innovative solutions.

  • The ‘Innovation Audit’ Checklist is introduced to ascertain the “As-is” innovation situation. World-class innovative organizations like ‘Disney World in Health Education’ and Zappos are introduced as benchmarks to prompt reflections and assist participants to devise an integrated and sustained approach to innovation.


What you will learn
  1. The PCAN Model which enables participants to break down challenges into bite sizes and to ensure solutions address the root causes of the challenge.

  2. Instead of general creativity principles and theory, the focus of this programme is on practical, step-by-step thought processes called the Creativity-on-Demand Techniques. Participants will learn 4 ideation techniques that bring structures and discipline that allows creativity juices to flow as and when participant want.

  • SCAMPER-Plus Technique where participants will leverage on the internet for a reservoir of innovative ideas  and apply the 7-component ‘Mental Checklist’ to produce innovative solutions.

  •    Concept Possibilities Expansion Technique that enables participants to think of possibilities that extracting concepts from proven solutions from another industries.

  •    Problem Reversal Technique where participants are taught paradoxical thinking and to view challenges from a totally different

  •    Forced-Fit Technique where participants think of zany scenarios to churn out innovative solutions.

How participants will benefit:
  • Participants will acquire a mindset that sees opportunities instead of problems and have new found confidence to tackle tough assignments.

  • Participants have a ‘toolkit’ to generate innovative solutions at a snap of their fingers

  • Increased innovation capacity enables participants to boost workplace productivity

  • Harness the diversity in thinking styles to boost group innovation brainpower and to form Dream teams to tackle innovative projects.

  • Builds an innovation-friendly work culture that poised the organization for high-speed innovation and high-growth strategies


Who Should Attend:

SME owners, professionals, managers, executives and technicians.


Why We Can Deliver on Benefits as Promised

Expertise of Master Trainer/Facilitator - Mr. Richard Mak

  • Richard is an author (Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand),

  • inventor (Zeros-To-Heros game which has received the MENSA Select seal),

  • award-winning entrepreneur (Alpha-Plus Trainng Consultants), 


Richard’s Track Record as an Innovation Practitioner:

  • Inventor of the Zeros-To-Heros game which has been nominated for the MENSA Select seal even though he does not play any board game except for Monopoly and the Cashflow game.

  • Appointed as Promotions Manager of Asia Pacific Breweries, a blue chip listed company even though he does not have any sale and marketing experience.

    • Richard innovation capacity boosted his career adaptability and employability. He has secured good jobs in 5 different industries with each job in a different functional area compared to previous jobs. What is amazing is that he was climbing the corporate ladder all the time.

  • Richard recovered > S$700,000 bad/doubtful debts (outstanding for more than 1.5 years) in less than 3 months from a Middle East firm for a joint-venture entity for the Salim Group. His effective innovative tactics saved the Salim Group costly legal fees and management resources.


Adjunct Lectureship in Universities  in Creativity & Innovation:

  • Adjunct Lecturer (Singapore Management University in the Creative Thinking module for more than 5 years), Open University MBA programme in Creativity, Innovation & Change, Maastricht School of Management MBA programme in the Business Strategy module.

  • Presented a research paper, ‘Nurturing Creative Thinkers with Competency-Based Training’ at the International Conference on Language, Education & Innovation (ICLEI), Dec. 2015


Corporate & Business Experience

Richard has held senior management positions and has been involved in business/corporate strategy formulation and implementation in a blue-chipped listed company, an Asian conglomerate, a Japanese merchant bank and a government body. He has more than 30 years of diverse experience which spans accounting/finance, business development and sales/marketing. Richard has provided corporate advisory services in several multi-million dollar joint ventures and strategic alliances. He is a multi-disciplinary professional with a MBA in Creative Problem Solving & Decision Sciences (University of Hull), double qualifications in accountancy (B. Acc. & ACCA) and a post-graduate qualification in Marketing (Marketing Institute of Singapore). Richard has attained the full Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) awarded by the Workforce Development Agency (Singapore government).

Social Proof - Clients’ Commendations

What Past Participants said:


“Lessons I learnt are: improved understanding of concepts for Business
Model Innovations and possibilities to generate new ideas & strategic
directions. My overall rating for this workshop is excellent.
I’ll strongly recommend this workshop.” GK Ong, Director – Biotek Pte. Ltd


“The games are excellent – they allow us to understand the concepts better while going through the innovative processes.” Ms Joyce Nang, Corporate & Strategic Planning Manager, Health Sciences Board.

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