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1 Day Workshop

Innovative Ways to Secure A Good Jobs

Attention-grabbing Resumes &

Ways to Stand Out from the other job seekers

In this highly competitive job market, sending out résumés on papers won't even get your foot in the door. Do you know how long recruiters spend reading your resume before making a decision? It averages 5-7 seconds. What you need is attention-grabbing ways to get hired in an overcrowded job market.

In this progrmme, you will learn innovative ways to apply for a job that worked and creative ways to stand out from the other job seekers. Based on solid research and consulting, this programme will provide insights on what successful job seekers have done to get noticed.

This programme is designed to engage you because it allows for audience interactions. There are more than 20 quizzes to tease your mind, allow you to ponder your responses, provide moments for you to discuss with others, tap the collective wisdom of other participants. There are suggested solutions to the quizzes to help you internalize the key learning points.


Programme Outline
  • Boosting your IQ (Interview Quotient) - Quizzes on the “Good, Bad & Ugly” innovative ways in job interviews.

  • Video: “How Recruiters Read Your Resume in 7 Seconds!”

  • Quiz: What are the 3 “things” to include in your resume to get employers excited?

    • Real-life Challenge with video: “Sodastream” machines

  • Illustrative Example: How to be creative in your resume

  • Quiz: Think of at least 3 media you can put your resume on?

  • Quiz: Is this Video Resume effective in getting a job interview? WHY

  • Quiz: What makes for an innovative Resume Video that will go viral?

  • Quiz: What are cost-effective ways to produce innovative Resume Video?

  • Video: What are your ratings on Ron’s video and “Why?”

  • Quizzes & Suggested Solutions: How to leverage on Google Search? eBay? Facebook?

  • Quiz: How do you self-promote yourself online?

  • Quiz: "If I were PowerPoint slides..."

  • Quiz: How can display your resume in visual, graphical & impactful ways?

  • Quiz: “Creative Ransom” – Will you do it?

Profile of Trainer

Richard is a creativity practitioner. He has invented the “ZerosTo-Heros” game which has been nominated for the MENSA Select Award. He is author of a book, “Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand”. Richard holds an MBA in ‘Creative Problem-Solving’. He has taught the ‘Creative Thinking’ module with the Singapore Management University for more than 5 years. Back in the 1990s, he was the only Asian adjunct lecturer for the “Creativity, Innovation & Change” module with the Open University MBA programme. Since then, he has delivered Creative Thinking and Innovation programmes to MNCs, SGX-listed companies, the public sector and educational institutions. Richard is an award winning entrepreneur and has held senior management positions which involved strategic business advisory roles in several multi-million dollars joint-ventures and strategic alliances. He has been consulted in business start-ups, franchising, business valuation and business development.

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