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Having a good job is absolutely essential as a means of livelihood in the high-cost society we live in. However, there is no more job security as organizations re-structure frequently to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Seeking jobs is an essential skillset to have. We have high-impact programmes that enable you to learn skills that pay your bills.

Talk: Jumpstarting A Successful Freelance Career

You will learn whether freelancing is a viable career option. You will be shown how to get freelance jobs that pay well and are worth your time. The course adopts an experiential learning approach with quizzes, relevant stories, case discussions and carefully selected videos. Read more

Talk: Innovative Ways To Secure A Good Job

The emphasis of this talk is on how to be creative and employ innovative tactics to secure that elusive job interview and ace that interview. This talk will provide insights on how to overcome the following challenges:

  • Do you struggle when writing a CV?

  • Do you feel that you’ve sent your CV out to hundreds of organizations, but with no results?

  • Feeling de-motivated about getting a new job? Read more

Workshop: Innovative Ways to Secure Jobs with Attention-grabbing Resumes & Ways to Stand Out from the other job seekers 

You will learn innovative ways to apply for a job that worked and creative ways to stand out from the other job seekers. Based on solid research and consulting, this programme will provide insights on what successful job seekers have done to get noticed. Read more

Career Coaching

Our service aims to help clients be more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial in their career options and in securing a good job.

Read more

Workshop: Mastering the Art of Getting What You Want from Others - Personal Influence & Power Persuasion

Do you know of people who are incredibly persuasive. With effortless charm, they manage to somehow gain our trust, interest and support, time and time again. Is it a gift? Is it an illusion? No, it’s the art of personal influence and power persuasion and you can master it too. Developing this competency enables you to gain fast track promotion, performance bonus and enhance your job security.​

Read more​

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