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Creative Thinking Book - Part 3

Chapter 7: The Idea-Fission Technique

In a brainstorming session, we hope to harness the creative brainpower of the group. But, creative thinkers may withhold ideas they perceive to be crazy due to the Groupthink phenomenon.


The Idea Fission Technique is designed to smash through Groupthink.


A) What Is Group Creativity?
1. Benefits Of Group Creativity
2. Guidelines In Group Creativity
B) What Is Groupthink?
C) Generic Antidotes For Groupthink
D) Specific Antidote For Groupthink
E) The Idea-Fission Technique
F) Value Of Mindmapping In Group Creativity
G) Tackling A Real Life Problem
• 1 Example & 2 Quizzes

The Idea-Fission Technique provides insights to translate crazy ideas into innovative yet practical solutions. Application of this technique will boost group innovation capacity.

Chapter 8: The Problem Reversal Technique

The starting point in Creative Thinking is to look at our problems from a different perspective.


The Problem Reversal Technique teaches us to view our problems in unconventional ways. The more we reverse the problem statement, the more innovative the generated solutions would be. When you use this Technique, you will be able to produce creative ideas at the snap of your fingers.


A) The Problem Reversal Technique
B) Reversed Problem Statement
• 1 Example & 2 Quizzes

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