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1 Day Workshop

Mastering the Art of Getting What You Want from Others

Personal Influence & Power Persuasion for High Corporate Performance


Do you know of people who are incredibly persuasive. With effortless charm, they manage to somehow gain our trust, interest and support, time and time again. Is it a gift? Is it an illusion? No, it’s the art of personal influence and power persuasion and you can master it too. Developing this competency enables you to gain fast track promotion, performance bonus and enhance your job security.​

This programme synthesizes the latest research in psychology, linguistics, selling tactics and human communication to reveal the most effective methods for consistently and effectively persuading anyone of virtually anything. It is based on extensive studies of the greatest persuaders in history, for example – the late Steve Jobs, Jack Ma and the late Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew. The emphasis of this programme is on the practical “how-to” instead of the theoretical “what & why”. It is more than personality and being charismatic. 

Who should attend:

Business owners, Professionals, managers, executives and technicians.

What you will learn
  • What one word can you start using today to increase your persuasiveness by more than 50%?

  • The power of consistency: its more important to do it often than to do it right.

  • Reciprocation rule, social proof, compliance tactics, shortcut response, scarcity pressures, liking rule, initial favor, social evidence, scarcity principle, smaller request, trigger features, contrast principle,


How Participants Will Benefit?

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • shorten the time required to develop and deepen relationships with your prospects, customers, business partners, superiors and co-workers

  • dramatically increase the likelihood to ‘receive expected favour’ after you have ‘given a favour’ first

  • apply principles of influence & persuasions on people are ambivalent and spur them to action 


This programme focuses on relationships and people skills. Our techniques are “relationship-based”. It is a strategic process for getting people's attention, pitching your ideas, and obtaining approval for your plans and projects. Designed specifically to help you to become more confident, persuasive and influential at work, this programme is highly practical and offers sound strategies on how to improve your relationships and get great results.


Content outline
  • Begin your journey with a powerful self-assessments that will help you find your strengths as a persuader. We will show you how to implement your unique set of skills in your encounters with others. Your “Woo I.Q.”, derives from knowing these skills and using them at just the right time with just the right people.

  • How to play the persuasion game? Differences between: Negotiations, Persuasion and Influence. The 4 stages of persuasion

  • Boosting your credibility – master the 3 magic keys that influence your prospects  and make them believe in you.

  • The ZEN-like art of sharing secrets for getting cooperation from prospects.

  • The power of association: tying your persuasion to something good.

  • Power of consistency: its more important to do it often than to do it right.

  • Bonding – the magic key to persuasion – how to sell up a storm using the principle of bonding and how people bond to their mental investment.

  • Sweet language of persuasion & verbal ploy to influence prospects.

  • Exposing and destroying negative emotions.

  • Video: Re-cycling Ideas for Innovation?

  • Developing charisma: how to make them love you! And 3 ways to project an awesome charisma.

  • How to develop a dynamite sense of humour.  A practise session on identifying the style of humour. Witticisms: the persuaders best type of humour.

  • Video – Bill Crosby, the legend

  • Masterful use of questions to clarify statements, determines values, draw out objections, and direct the conversation.

  • You need to be able to use questions to stir up buying emotions.

  • You need to be able to bond with *anyone* - no matter how different they may first appear.

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