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Creative Ideas at a Snap of Your Fingers
with Creative Problem Solving Skills

Creativity is an important hiring consideration. Creative applicants are preferred over conventional thinkers by more than 5 to 1. Employers are looking for staff who are effective problem-solvers who can generate creative ideas at a snap of their fingers. Creative ideas produced are like seeds that will lead toward innovative solutions. 

Workshop objective

To equip participants with creative thinking skills to enable them to generate alternative and innovative solutions approach to solve workplace challenges in an innovative fashion.


Our Creative Ideas-on-Demand© Techniques are step-by-step thinking processes that show participants how to think illogically to systematically generate many solutions. Using these techniques brings structure to your thinking that helps you think outside-the-box. Participants will be given real-life challenges to help them apply relate to these techniques. This programme is activity-based and application-oriented with an emphasis on the “how-to” instead of the “what about”aspects of the methodology.​

How participants will benefit:
  • Generate creative ideas that will increase sales, lower costs, streamline operations

  • Boost their self-confidence in tackling tough assignments and be more productively

  • Review and generate innovative solutions to improve existing work processes.


What You Will Learn

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • The PCAN© Model is a simple and effective Creative Problem Solving approach

  • 3 CreativeIdeas-On-Demand© Techniques (A series of step-by-step, proven thinking processes).

Our hands-on sharing with diagrams, illustrated examples and quizzes with suggested solutions will enhance your creative thinking capability.


Instructional Style

This workshop is highly interactive and participatory – learning by doing. Based on Experiential Learning that has proven to be a stimulating and effective way  to influence attitude, behaviour, skills and knowledge. There are numerous activities behavioral games, role-plays, quizzes, group discussions and audio-visual inputs. The exercises and games are in the form of "edu-tainment" - designed to educate and entertain the participants.

Social Proof - Clients’ Commendations

“Good participation from all participants.

I’ll strongly recommend this programme to others.”

Mr Tony Tan, former Chief Architect, HDB


“The Trainers’ practical & vast experience helps to give insights

to applications. Well-done Richard!”

Ms Clarice Woon, Manager, Tan Tock Seng Hospital 

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