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Creative Ideas at a Snap of Your Fingers 


You will have more confidence to face whatever challenges when you are an effective problem-solver who can generate creative ideas a snap of your fingers. Creative ideas you produced are seeds toward innovative solutions.

Innovation Training Toolkit

Alpha-Plus Training has invented the following toolkit which enables us to deliver high-impact training programmes: 

Workshop: Creative Ideas at a Snap of Your Fingers with Creative Problem Solving Skills

Why attend this workshop?

In the 21st Century, you cannot wait for inspirations for creative ideas – you need solutions at a snap of your fingers. The winners in life’s journey are those who are able to solve problems creatively at the snap of a finger.

Logical thinkers have been trained to work through a problem to reach that one solution that best answers the question. However, the CreativeThinking-on- Demand Techniques will teach you to think illogically to systematically generate many ideas or solutions. Using these techniques bring structure to your thinking that help you think outside-the-box. Read more

Design Thinking: Human Centric Innovation
Read more

Book - Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand


We all have problems. Problems comes in all shapes and sizes – personal problems, interpersonal problems, problems at work, etc.


Why You Should Read This Book

  • The 4 CreativeIdeas-On-Demand© Techniques will teach you to think illogically, irrationally or ridiculously to systematically generate many ideas or solutions.

  • We use real-life challenges, examples, quizzes with suggested solutions, diagrams and photos to make our Creative Thinking know-how tangible.

  • We designed this book  to compress more than 20 years of research into easy to understand materials which can be digested in 7 hours.

  • Book - OverviewPart 1Part 2Part 3Buy Book​

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