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Workshop 2

Developing Innovative Business Strategies

To Boost Revenue, Growth & Profitability

There are many media reports on gloomy business outlook in 2017. Is your organization coping well in adverse business environment? Do not be like Borders Books, Carrefour’s, Tower Records and many others, which had gone bust because their corporate strategies and business models did not keep up with changing times.

This workshop shows participants how to go beyond their comfort zone where the magic happens, by developing innovative business strategies and re-inventing their business model.

Research has shown that innovating your business model can create up to 25 times the competitive advantage compared to product and process innovation.

This workshop is the result of fusing the latest thinking in three disciplines: strategy, business model and innovation. Participants will map out existing business model with the larger-than-life Business Model Canvas and brainstorm on how to generate innovative business strategies.

Nothing is more powerful than learning by doing. Through the use of Business Model Canvas, and tackling real-life challenges, participants will experience the power of the Business Model Innovation Toolkit to capture new market segments, boost Customer Value Propositions and develop innovative Revenue Model.

Learning outcomes

In this programme, participants will learn:

  • How business model thinking leads to sustainable competitive advantages and lead them to re-think existing way of doing business to out-smart competitors

  • Use Business Model Canvas: a practical tool to map existing business model and to chart innovative business strategies. It allows participants to describe, visualize, assess, and to improve business models.

  • How world-class organizations use innovative business strategies and develop robust Revenue Model

  • Apply the Business Model Innovation toolkit to re-invent the business model

  • Develop future-ready business model with robust Revenue Model to achieve business growth,  profitability and gain competitive advantages.

  • Breakdown thinking in functional silos to Integrate diverse strategy elements into well thought-out business models.

  • Generate creative ideas at a snap of their fingers that lead to innovative solutions.


Outline of Workshop
  • Business Model – What is a Business Model and why without an understanding of Business Model, your business will fail?

  • Business Model Canvas is like putting business plan on ONE sheet of paper. This Canvas helps participants see the inter-relationships among different aspects of a business strategy and to map out a future gameplan. The Business Model Canvas is a practical tool to map existing business model and to chart innovative business strategies. It allows participants to describe, visualize, assess, and change business models. How to integrate Business Model with Strategies.

  • Integration of Strategy Toolkit, Blue Ocean Strategies & Business Model to breakdown functional silo thinking and the 2 approaches toward strategy action plans.

  • Innovative Business Strategies & Business Model Innovations: show how participants can develop innovative business strategies for core business components and how to configure them to ensure agile adaptation to changing environment. Learn how world-class firms use innovation to create a radically successful business model to out-smart competition.

  • Innovative Revenue Models: How innovative organizations devlop multiple revenue to multiply their profit while sustaining business growth.

  • Re-inventing Revenue Model by applying the Business Model Innovation Toolkit.

    • SCAMPER-Plus Techniques: 7-component “mental checklist” technique that triggers your creative thinking by leveraging on the internet for time-tested solutions.

    • Concept Possibilities Expansion Technique: Innovation entails risk.This technique expands participants’ capacity to think of possibilities from proven innovative solutions to reduce business risk.


Workshop Experience

In this exciting programme, don’t expect to just sit there and listen. There will NEVER be a dull moment as interaction is the name of the game.

  • You will be moving around, challenging each other’s thought processes.

  • You will have opportunities to map out your existing business model with the larger-than-life Business Model Canvas, brainstorm on how to generate innovations to your business.

  • You will be soaking in exciting nuggets of wisdom from the Master Trainer and other like-minded professionals.

  • You will be engaged in many ways: buzz group discussions, exercises and break-out sessions in which you will immediately apply what you have learnt.


Videos & Case discussions:

Participants will be inspired by lots of examples and will walk away with creative mindsets: IKEA, Google Inc, Gillette, QB House, Citizen M, Google, Netflix, Next Restaurant, Geisinger Health, Tesco Homeplus.

Real-life Challenges: Soda Stream & Decathlon


Nothing is more powerful than learning by doing. You will experience the power Business Model Innovations first-hand by applying techniques to a number of examples, situations and real-life challenges


Who should attend?

CEOs and Executives who are involved in strategy formulation /strategic planning/innovation as part of their leadership roles. Executives on fast-track career path, Senior Officers of government bodies, Social Entrepreneurs.


2 days, 9am – 6pm.  

Richard has held senior management positions and has been involved in business/corporate strategy formulation and implementation in a blue-chipped listed company, an Asian conglomerate, a Japanese merchant bank and a government body. He has more than 30 years of diverse experience which spans accounting/finance, business development and sales/marketing.


Richard has provided corporate advisory services in several multi-million dollar joint ventures and strategic alliances. He is a multi-disciplinary professional with a MBA in Creative Problem Solving & Decision Sciences (University of Hull), double qualifications in accountancy (B. Acc. & ACCA) and a post-graduate qualification in Marketing (Marketing Institute of Singapore), attained full Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) awarded by the Workforce Development Agency (Singapore government).


Richard Mak’s Track Record:
  • Invited speaker at the Singapore Innovation & Productivity Conference: Business Model Innovation: Redefining Possibilities. Event was hosted by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation and the Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute.

  • Designed & delivered public-runs and in-house Business Model Innovations workshops.

  • Delivered workshops: “Developing Business Model Innovations” to iCentre Brunei

  • Designed and delivered a well received programme – CFO as the Corporate Strategist – Mastering the Strategy Toolkit for the ACCA (Singapore).


 “I’ve learnt the components/system of modeling a business and the power of conceptualization. I like the interactive nature this workshop was conducted.

Will recommend this workshop” 

Ms. Kwan - Group Managing Director, Crestar Education Group 

“I rated the educational value of this workshop as excellent and will strongly recommend it. I like the interactivity between the trainer, Richard and the workshop participants and also the sharing by all the participants.”  Wong Cheng Ho – Director, Domus Group of companies


“The content of this workshop is really practical & useful to any business. The ability of Richard in training delivery is excellent. I like the various discussions on innovative case studies that provided opportunities to apply lessons learnt. I’ll strongly recommend this programme. Sam Lam - Director, Singapore Teachers’ International Holding

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$1,380 for 1 pax registration.  $880/pax (for 3 – 4 pax),  

$680/pax for 5 pax or more. Fees includes Trainer’s fee, F&B for 2 breaks, ‘Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand’ book. No GST.

Move to workshop 6: Understanding Dynamics of Running a Business

Satisfaction Guaranteed if not full refund. Attending this workshop is risk-free. Participant can seek full refund before end of the afternoon break on the 1st day of the workshop.

Why We Can Deliver on Benefits as Promised

Expertise of Master Trainer/Facilitator - Mr. Richard Mak

Richard is an author (Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand), inventor (Zeros-To-Heros game which has been nominated for the MENSA Select Award), award-winning entrepreneur,  Adjunct Lecturer (Singapore Management University in the Creative Thinking module for more than 5 years), Open University MBA programme in Creativity, Innovation & Change, Maastricht School of Management MBA programme in the Business Strategy module. 

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