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Articles to be uploaded:
  1. How Richard Mak, Managing Director of Alpha-Plus Training Consultants invented the Zeros-To-Heros game which has been nominated for the MENSA Select seal even though he does not play any board game except for Monopoly and the Cashflow game.

  2. How being fostered out as a toddler fostered Richard's imagination and creativity?

  3. How Richard secured a good job as the Promotions Manager of Asia Pacific Breweries, a blue chip listed company even though he did not have any sales and marketing experience?

  4. ​How Richard recovered > S$700,000 bad/doubtful debts (debt amount was S$1 million and outstanding for more than 1.5 years) in less than 3 months from a Middle East firm for a joint-venture entity for a multi-billion conglomerate?

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