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Creative Thinking book - Overview

Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand
Learn to solve problems in 7 hours

How important is Creative Thinking?

Sir Ken Robinson, Prominent educationist

Edward de Bono, Creativity Guru



We all have problems. Problems comes in all shapes and sizes – personal problems, interpersonal problems, problems at work, etc.

Why You Should Read This Book

  • The 4 CreativeIdeas-On-Demand© Techniques will teach you to think illogically, irrationally or ridiculously to systematically generate many ideas or solutions.


  • We use real-life challenges, examples, quizzes with suggested solutions, diagrams and photos to make our Creative Thinking know-how tangible.

  • We designed this book  to compress more than 20 years of research into easy to understand materials which can be digested in 7 hours.

This book is proven and time-tested in the Singapore Management University and numerous corporate training workshops. The skills taught in these book really work.

Mastery of our Creative Thinking Know-How Will Enrich Your Life

  • Gives you confidence to face up to challenges and help you live up to your Creative Potential


  • Enables you to effectively solve problems that you have not encountered before


Helps you to survive and succeed

in the 21st Century

Why You Will Be Able To Read This Book in 7 Hours Or Less

This book uses the Accelerated Learning Principles to engage the ‘whole brain’of the reader using examples, quizzes, diagrams and photos.

Creative Problem-solving Pedagogy – PCAN Model

The “Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand” Book includes the PCAN Model which is a simple and powerful approach to overcoming any problem that you will face.


It will help you break down your problems into bite-sized pieces so that they are more easily understood and you can solve them more effectively

4 CreativeIdeas-On-Demand© Techniques

The “Snap! Creative Ideas On Demand” Book includes 4 Step-By-Step Creativity Thinking Techniques.

The SCAMPER-Plus Technique is built upon the SCAMPER Technique which comprises of 7 creativity prompters which help you generate ideas for new products and services.

The Concept Possibilities Expansion Technique enables you to ‘borrow’ time-tested concepts others have used successfully to stimulate you to think of creative possibilities.

The Idea-Fission Technique provides insights to translate crazy ideas into innovative yet practical solutions. Application of this technique will boost group innovation capacity.

The Problem Reversal Technique shows you to view your problems in unconventional ways. The more you reverse the problem statement, the more innovative the generated solutions would be. 

About The Author

Richard Mak is an award-winning entrepreneur and has been nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Awards. He is the Director of Alpha-Plus Training Consultants, which has been awarded the Professional Enterprise Awards by the Asian Management Association (AMA) and the Association of International Management, United Kingdom (AIMUK).

Richard has more than 20 years of experience in research, consulting and teaching Creative Thinking. He has developed a suite of Innovation Training Toolkits that significantly add value to participants of his firm’s workshops. He has designed and delivered training programmes in Creative Thinking and Innovation to multi-national corporations, Singapore-listed companies, the public sector and educational institutions.

Richard has held senior management positions and was involved in the mapping of corporate strategies and shaping of strategic business policies. He was involved in corporate advisory services in several multi-million dollars joint-ventures and strategic alliances. He has been consulted in business start-ups, franchising, business valuations, business developments and setting-up of internal control systems for SMEs.

Richard holds an MBA in ‘Creative Problem-Solving’. He has taught the Creativity & Innovation module in the Open University MBA programme. He teaches the ‘Creative Thinking’ module as an Adjunct Lecturer with the Singapore Management University.

He invented Zeros-To-Heros®, the world’s first board game in entrepreneurship. This game was nominated for the MENSA Select Award.


Richard is also the Managing Director of Alpha-Plus Training Consultants Pte Ltd (, Email:

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