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Be your own boss and start your own business is both exciting and risky. We have developed high-impact and time-tested programmes that will jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.


Our innovative and comprehensive suite of workshops for startups (entrepreneurship) includes:
  1. Developing Zeros-To-Heros Entrepreneurs (1/2 day Game workshop)

  2. Entrepreneurship Success DNA (1 day workshop)

  3. Developing Essential Business Skills (1 day workshop)

  4. Developing Effective Strategy Toolkit (1 day workshop)

  5. Developing Innovative Business Strategies (2 days workshop)

  6. Understanding Dynamics of Running a Business (1 day workshop)


What differentiates us from others is our high-impact systems and innovative toolkit:

This is the Entrepreneur Success System. More than 70% of startups fail within their 1st 5 years as entrepreneurs has not acquired the core competencies for success. MOLI© is an acronym for the entrepreneurial Mindset (which unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit to take charge, make things happen and make a difference), Opportunity-seeking (the basis for starting a business), Leverage (the art & science of multiplying your resources to overcome resource constraints), Innovation (the skillset to develop innovative products, services and business models to ensure competitive advantages).

Zeros-To-Heros®  game
  • This is the world’s 1st boardgame that is custom-designed to help players discover their entrepreneurial potential. Playing this game also helps participants to internalize the MOLI©  Entrepreneur Success System. This game has been nominated for the MENSA Select seal. Read more

BrainEEE Cards System

This is an innovative tool which allows the founder(s) of a business to form his/her entrepreneurial team. It is based on the Whole-Brain Thinking.

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