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“Innovate or evaporate”, this mantra shows the importance of creativity and innovation to organization. We have designed 4 high-impact workshops to enable your executives to be innovative and entrepreneurial.


Discovering Entrepreneurial Executives
- Talent Re-Discovery Scheme

Are you facing difficulties in recruiting talent?

Hiring and retaining talent is one of the greatest challenges organizations face today. Instead of recruiting from outside, have you tried to re-discover the entrepreneurial talents from within?

Staff recruitment are usually based on academic and professional qualifications. These are key indicators of hard skills and technical competence.

Soft skills which are equally important are harder to quantify and usually ignored. The Talent Re-Discovery Scheme will help you identify innate, untapped entrepreneurial skills. These skills enable staff to take initiatives and make things happen. Read more

Building High-Performance Teams with Brain-centric Approach

This teambuilding programme has adopted the brain-centric approach. It focuses on thinking styles and link cutting-edge brain research to boost communications and draw strength through diversity with the BrainEE© Cards System.

Playing the BrainEE© cardgame helps participants understand their  own Thinking Styles profile. This understanding helps participants enhance  their communication and interpersonal skills in their everyday interactions. Read more

We have the expertise to customize programmes, undertake coaching and consulting  assignments. Email your requirements so that we can move things forward.

Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders, the Bottom-up Approach to Boost Productivity

Usually productivity measures are driven by top management. This workshop adopts the Bottom-up approach by developing entrepreneurial executives who has the mindset and skillset of an entrepreneur. These executives can initiate projects in different functional areas like accounting, finance, sales, marketing operations to boost work productivity. Read more

Developing the Innovation Activists

‘Innovate or evaporate’ - this mantra highlights the importance of  innovation to the survival and success of organizations. However, there is a critical shortage of executives who possess innovation capabilities. This workshop aims to boost the innovation capacity of participants so that they can spearhead projects that require innovative solutions. 

Read more

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