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Workshop 1

Developing Zeros-To-Heros Entrepreneurs

This workshop is based on the Zeros-To-Heros®  game which caters to aspiring entrepreneurs who are keen to start their own business. Playing the Zeros-To- Heros® boardgame helps them discover their entrepreneurial potential and to internalize the MOLI© Entrepreneur Success System.

Game facilitation will help participants understand the MOLI© Success System. Playing the game exposes them to key decisions entrepreneurs have to make in the cut-throat, wheeling and dealing in the business world.


Workshop Outline
  1. Participants will play the Zeros-To-Heros® which is the world’s 1st board game that is custom-designed for entrepreneurship development. Whilst they have lots of fun, they will naturally undergo certain gaming experiences.

  2. Through Game Facilitation for experiential learning, participants will be prompted to internalize the MOLI® Success System which will enable them to face challenges, overcome potential obstacles and sustain the passion when building their enterprise.  They will be pro-active in seeking opportunities, take charge, make things happen & make a difference in the business world.


Overview of the MOLI® Success System to Take Initiatives & Be Enterprising

Your Blueprint for your entrepreneurial success


Value of Programme

With Game facilitation, participants will:

  • Gain insights in their entrepreneurial potential

  • pro-actively seek out business opportunities

  • Learn when to take risks and how to make calculated risks

  • Develop Win-Win partnerships, negotiations skills

  • Sharpen decision-making

  •  Insights on developing a more entrepreneurial YOU through playing the game.

  • Group sharing & Game debrief

  • Analyse how Bill Gates start up Microsoft Corp. with the MOLI Success System.


Why Play Zeros-To- Heros® instead of other boardgames for Entrepreneurship Development?

This is the world’s 1st boardgame that is custom-designed to help players discover their entrepreneurial potential. Playing this game also helps participants to internalize the MOLI© Entrepreneur Success System.


Zeros-To-Heros®, has received the Mensa Select seal.

It indicates that Zeros-To-Heros® game is original and creative in concept, challenging, a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play, and, above all, fun!


Zeros-To-Heros® has passed with flying colours the rigours of Mensa Select games criteria:

  • originality (structure, concept, creativity)

  • game play (enjoyment, excitement, challenge)

  • play value (repeatability, longevity, price)

  • aesthetics (look, feel, style)

  • instructions (brevity, clarity, completeness)


Track Record of using this game for Entrepreneurship Development

The Zeros-To- Heros® had been used to train thousands of Singaporean students and hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs. An example is the use of this game with the iCentre, a business incubation centre funded by the Brunei Economic Development Board. Participants are startup entrepreneurs, tertiary students and business owners.


The game is also used in the Viet Youth Entrepreneurs (VYE) Conference 2013 where more than 70 Vietnamese youth leaders played the Zeros-To-Heros board game as part of their entrepreneurial journey.

Testimonials & Social Proof

that  Zeros-To-Heros® is able to produce the desired Entrepreneurship result


“I rate the FUN element of this Game as Our Clients’ excellent and it gives you a

VERY realistic feel Testimonies of being an entrepreneur. Love the Game!”

Mr Larry Farrell, guru in entrepreneurship & best-selling author, The Spirit of Enterprise & Getting Entrepreneurial


“Good tool to teach the importance of leveraging and negotiation – close to real life.”

David Southwick, (Entrepreneur-in-Residence),

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)


“The game is a lot of fun & you can be very enterprising in way you play the game.”

Professor Ng Bak Tee, National Institute of Education, NTU;

Author, The Learning School: Innovation & Enterprise

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Video: Zeros-To-Heros - World's 1st Entrepreneur game

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