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Alpha-Plus Training Consultants Pte. Ltd.

Corporate Profile
Our Company

Established in 1997, Alpha-Plus Training Consultants Pte. Ltd. is a boutique training and consulting firm with a focus on Creative Thinking, Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship programmes. 

It was awarded the Professional Enterprise Award for vision and strategic direction; excellence in organizational congruence and professionalism. This joint award by the Asian Management Association (AMA) and Certified Consultant Academy (CCA), is supported by the Association of International Management, United Kingdom (AIMUK).

Our Vision

Alpha-Plus Training is in the business of transforming lives through innovative and impactful training programmes.

  • We seek to leave a large foot print with our innovation training toolkit.

  • We aim to boost workplace productivity through the Bottom-Up approach.

  • We align participants’ mindsets to corporate interests and staff workplace engagement.


Our Values

We firmly believe in: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect, Performance Excellence


A partial listing of our Clients:

Private Sector

Government bodies

Educational institutions

Alpha-Plus Training Consultants' participation in

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