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Creative Thinking Book - Part 1

Chapter 1: Let’s Go On A Journey

Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese Military Strategist said, “Know your opponent and know yourself. Fight a hundred battles and win a hundred victories.”

This Chapter will enable you to know yourself and how you stand with regards to creativity, namely:

  • Do I understand what is creativity?

  • Do I have the right attitude to be creative?

  • How creative am I now currently?

  1. What Is Creative Thinking?

  2. Rate Your Creative Thinking Ability

  3. What Is Your Attitude Towards Creative Thinking?

  4. What Is The Value Of Creative Thinking?

  5. Creative Thinking vs. Logical Thinking

  6. Creativity vs. Innovation

• 6 Quizzes

Chapter 2: Creative Thinking Killers

By and large, the schools that we attend tend to nurture us to think analytically and logically. Sir Ken Robinson, in fact goes as far to say that schools in fact kill our creativity.

Chapter 2 describes the different types of Creativity Killers and teaches us how to deal with them.


A) Does Creativity Increase Or Decrease With Age?
B) What Is A Creativity Killer?
C) Types Of Creativity Killers And How To Overcome Them
1. Mental Blocks
2. Social Blocks
3. Emotional Blocks
      • 6 Quizzes

Chapter 3: Creative Thinking Boosters

We must not just deal with our Creatvity Killers, we must also fortify ourselves. This chapter will teach you various ways to boost your Creative Thinking capability.


Part 1: Creative Thinking Formula
Part 2: 6 Ways To Boost Your Creative Thinking Capability
• 2 Examples & 2 Quizzes

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