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Innovation Training Toolkit (1)

Alpha-Plus Training has invented the following toolkit which enables us to deliver high-impact training programmes: 

Zeros-To-Heros®  boardgame

This is the world’s 1st boardgame that is custom-designed to help players discover their entrepreneurial potential. Playing this game also helps participants internalize the MOLI© Success System.

This game has been nominated for the MENSA Select Seal. Receiving the  Mensa Select  Seal (Singapore) indicates that the Zeros-To-Heros® game is original and creative in concept, challenging, a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play, and, above all, fun.​

Value of Playing the Zeros-To-Heros
  • Gain insights in your entrepreneurial potential

  • Be pro-active in seeking out business opportunities

  • Learn when to take risks

  • Develop Win-Win partnerships

  • Build expertise in negotiations, Sharpen decision-making


• 17 Business Opportunities • 15 ways to Innovate • 15 ways to Leverage for Business Gains • 20 examples of Entrepreneurial Mindset/Business Ethics

Value of Playing Game:
  • Learn when to take risks

  • Develop Win-Win partnerships

  • Build expertise in negotiations

  • Sharpen decision-making

  • Gain insights on developing an ENTERPRISING YOU.

  • It is Creative. Participants will learn to make up their own rules, let go of their fixed mindsets, in this fast changing world of entrepreneurship, where rules are being rewritten daily.  

  • It may be used as a Business Coaching or Mentoring tool. Participants may be guided to define their own Success, their Goals, taking Actions, making-decisions.

  • Allows participants to make mistakes, without paying too high a price.  

Character Building Value

We have designed this game such that players realize that it is not how much money you can make but also how you make your money. Our MINDSET Cards requires players to make decisions in business ethics. This feature brings out character building opportunities.  

The Zeros-To-Heros game is used in the following:
  1. Corporate staff retreats

  2. Business networking sessions

  3. Family gatherings for bonding purposes

  4. Workshops: 

Zeros-To-Heros game has garnered excellent feedback from all who played it, including a world-guru on Entrepreneurship, professors from the Nanyang Technological University, professionals, high-ranking corporate executives and entrepreneurs. It has been played by:

  • thousands of students from primary schools to tertiary institutions

  • educational institutions had used the Zeros-To-Heros game for staff retreat

  • iCentre, a business incubation unit of the Brunei Economic Development Board


Endorsement by Entrepreneurship Guru:

"I rate the FUN element of this Game as excellent and it gives you

a VERY realistic feel of being an  entrepreneur. Love the Game!!!"

Mr. Larry Farrell, the best-selling author of

"The Spirit of Enterprise" and "Getting Entrepreneurial”

Mensa Select Seal (Gold Standard of Gaming)

Mensa is a society for people with high IQ. Mensa membership is for anyone who scores in the top 2% on an accepted, standardized intelligence test. Mensa provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members. Each year, members of Mensa meet to play and rate the year's newest board games at the Mensa Mind Games event. The Mensa Select seal is the gold standard of gaming. When you see the Mensa Select seal, you've found a high-quality product that you're likely to enjoy.​

Mensa Select seal

​Zeros-To-Heros®, has received the Mensa Select seal by Mensa Singapore.​

  • The Mensa Select seal signifies that Zeros-To-Heros® has been chosen as one of the top 5 new games in a given year by members of Mensa. It meant that Zeros-To-Heros® has undergone and passed with flying colours the rigours of Mensa Select games criteria:

  • originality (structure, concept, creativity)

  • game play (enjoyment, excitement, challenge)

  • play value (repeatability, longevity, price)

  • aesthetics (look, feel, style)

  • instructions (brevity, clarity, completeness)

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