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Career Coaching Service

Our service aims to help clients be more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial in their career options and in securing a good job.

Value of our coaching services:
  • Career Strategies - Help you map your existing career and explore your career options with the use of the Personal Career Canvas.

  • Cover letter - What to include and how to write a cover letter that differentiate your application from the others and help to secure a job interview. You will be coached on innovation tactics.


  • Resume - Turn your existing resume into an eye-catching document that is competency-based that clearly tells hiring managers why they should bring you in for an interview.

  • Job searching - More than 70% of the jobs are not advertised. How to hunt down jobs which are not advertise yet or better still, you will be coached on how to impress your prospective employer so that they create a job opening just for you.


  • Job interview - How to overcome your interview fears, refine your pitch, and tackle even the hardest interview questions.

​How is our career coaching service different from others

Our competence to think expansively about client’s potential and capabilities. In career coaching, we explore 2 vital dimensions of a joyful and successful life and career:

  • How you want to live and work

  • Life purpose – Why you are on this planet and explore the UNIQUE Value PROPOSITIONS you offer to your employer.

Exploratory Session is free!

The 1st session is an exploration of the:

  • scope of coaching

  • estimated number of sessions & coaching duration

  • agreed fees.


  • No coaching fee will be levied as this session is to understand the client's needs and the type of value-add our coach can provide. Session is about 30 minutes.


  • A non-refundable fee of $30 is chargeable to ensure client turn up and is serious in undertaking our coaching service. Also, there is an opportunity cost to our coach meeting time. This amount can be used to offset subsequent coaching fees. Coaching (which is chargeable) can begin immediately after the Exploratory Session. 


  • We will schedule an appointment after you have made the $30 online payment. Do email your job application document (Cover Letter + Resume) in MS Word to our coach prior to your 1st session. 

Profile of our Master Coach, Richard Mak

Richard has a pretty interesting corporate career. He has secured good jobs in 5 different industries with each job in a different functional area. What is amazing is that he was climbing the corporate ladder all the time. Richard’s track record shows he has the capability to seek and secure jobs while switching career path. Richard is a multi-disciplinary professional  who has more than 30 years of diverse experience which spans accounting/finance, business development and sales/marketing. 

Richard is a strong advocate for being creative, innovative and entrepreneurial to secure your competitive advantage. He is also an advocate of using the Personal Career Canvas as a tool to map your career options. Read more

Coaching Packages
  • Coaching fee payment is in cash at the beginning of each coaching session. ​Do bring enough cash with you.

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