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Workshop 1

Developing Effective Strategy Toolkit

Strategic management is important because it allows an organization to initiate activities, influence activities and be proactive rather than reactive in its strategy so that it has full control over its own destiny. Strategic management benefits all business ventures, including small business, for-profit, nonprofit and Fortune 500 companies.

This 1-day programme provides participants with a comprehensive Strategy Toolkit (concepts, principles, frameworks and techniques) for them be effective as corporate strategist.


How Participants will Benefit

Participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Contribute significantly to strategy formulation with a focus on innovative, high growth & sustainable strategies.

  • Review and boost the profitability of your organization’s Business Model through innovative value creation.


Why this Workshop is Dramatically Different from Others
  • Video clips of strategy guru expounding the theory/framework that they have developed. Examples: Michael Porter on Industry & Competitor Analysis, Kim Chan on Blue Ocean Strategy. Jay Barney on Resource-based View, Adrian Slywotzky on Profit Pattern.

  • Short cases (extracts from Newsweek articles) to ensure participants appreciate how the Strategy Toolkit can be applied in real world.

  • Round-up Discussions to ensure participants are able to apply lessons learnt to their respective organizations.

  • Extensive use of diagrams and mindmaps to integrate the various strategy concepts, principles and frameworks.

  • This workshop is highly interactive and participatory with highly stimulating discussions, ice-breaker game & energizer sessions. Our Master Trainer, Richard Mak is able to draw out the wealth of experiences among participants to ensure an enriching learning experience.


Content outline
  • Video: What is a Strategy by Michael Porter?

  • Overview of the Strategy Framework.

  • Discussion: Where do we start in the strategy process?

  • SWOT Analysis & Case: Apple ipod. Value Chain Analysis & Activity-Based Costing.

  • Resource-based View (RBV) – basis for sustained competitive advantage.

  • Video: Interview - Jay Barney. Video: How to build a Strategy for Sustainability.

  • Round-up Discussion: How to apply lessons learnt to your organization?

  • Situation Analysis & Strategic Fit vs. Strategic Intent concepts.

  • Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis of Industry Competitiveness.Video: Interview with Porter.Discussion: Supermarkets in S’pore.

  • Porter’s 3 Generic Competitive Strategies.Discussion: Google vs. MicrosoftAnsoff Matrix for Market/Product Development, BCG Matrix for Portfolio Analysis; Value-based Management.

  • Round-up Discussion: How to apply lessons learnt to your organization?

  • Video: Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS).

  • Video: Prof. Kim on BOS. Value Innovation Strategy to pursue differentiation and low cost simultaneously, How to create new market space by “reconstructing market boundaries”

  • Case (with video clip): Cirque du Soleil,How to reach beyond existing demand to non-customers - 3-Tiers of Non-customers Framework.

  • Round-up Discussion: How to apply lessons learnt to your organization?

  • Video: What is a Business Model?

  • Discussion: How internet organizations (example Google Corporation) monetize their product offerings?

  • The Profit Zone: How Strategic Business Design Will Lead You to Tomorrow's Profits. Video: Interview with Adrian Slywotzky.Building profitable business models - Case: NTT DOCOMO.

  • Group discussion: To develop an Innovative & Profitable Business Model based on the Zeros-To- Heros boardgame.

  • Round-up Discussion: How to apply lessons learnt to your organization

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